Trochoidal Spin - The 5th Force
Trochoidal Spin - THE 5TH FORCE
Milling by interpolation + Feed = Productivity by low cutting effort and greater chip evacuation per minute (Q - cm3 / min)

Trochoidal Speed Cutting System (TSC) is a new machining cycle which combines circular milling with a forward moving thereby, huge cross-sections can be processed with low cutting forces and high speeds.

TSC tools are mainly used for huge cross-sections and/or huge depths
of engagement, difficult machining material and inefficient machines. 
The depth of engagement “ap” should be bigger than 1XD for profitability. The tool radius should be significantly aller than the smallest radius on the component part to receive reasonable cutting data.

The main aim is to reduce the cutting force and the resulting heat development. This can be achieved by a lower angle of cutting bow “≈”, which also enables a better chip flow. To reduce machining time a higher number of teeth is used, which also increases the feed rat.



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