Automation of the Logistics System
Productivity and Flexibility, a great success with the implementation of Helion Lift  
Helion LIFT allows us to automate all our processes for sending and receiving tools and guarantee to our customers a fast and accurate control of their goods.

A supply chain will be effective and efficient as long as good customer service is achieved, minimizing the time and cost to achieve it ... real commitment and support is needed among all process members.


Considering the accelerated commercial growth of the company, the challenge in the medium term would be to establish optimal margins of security in the stocks and minimize the time of reception of goods and preparation of goods. In our sector, the reduction in the terms of service continues to be the workhorse and although the barriers are often conditioned by external agents, we must direct our efforts to improve the availability of the items and transmit the information related to the service in a timely manner thereof and in the shortest possible time.


The objective of the Logistics Department is to achieve a total customer satisfaction working side by side with all of them to achieve optimal daily effectiveness. That satisfaction should include all processes: the purchase of prime materials, manufacturing, packaging, management of orders, but as well transportation, storage and a fluent relationship with the customer.


The market every day is more competitive and demanding. When our customers place an order, they want at the same time material available in stock, arriving in good conditions and within the established deadlines that are often set in hours. Our effort is focused on securing and reducing, the production and delivery deadlines and it is here that the greatest difficulty could reside. For that reason, the coordination between our own processes and the outsourced ones is fundamental.


The development and implementation of an integral logistics entails an important management challenges for the organization. In this sense, coordination and communication is vitally important to manage and take care of all the necessary processes to provide a good service, control of the entrances and departures, labeling and packaging. The permanent challenge is to achieve maximum efficiency, eliminating errors and improving costs, without sacrificing quality and safety in production and distribution.

Written by TERESA ALTIMIRAS - Logistics Manager Helion Tools
Teresa Altimiras is a professional in the field of integral logistics, she has responsibilities in the negotiation and purchase of prime materials, packaging, transport and logistics services and as well she has a direct daily attention to the export distributors. "From the past and into the future evolving and overcoming challenges."

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