Coatings: New development I+D+i

Racer · Volcano · Deep Blue · Solid CBN · Speed

After months of research and thanks to the last development of our R&D team, we are launching to the machining industry our exclusive new coatings. These coatings offer new competitive advantages to work at high temperatures, create less friction to improve chip removal, provide long tool life and a higher hardness surface of the tool compared to standard coatings.

Serie 90 – HELI RUN
Racer, coating for machining steels up to 62HRC, cast iron and non ferrous materials. For general purpose.

Serie 91 – Heli NOX
Volcano, optimum coating for stainless steel, Nickel based alloys, Titanium, Inconel and other materials that are thermal resistant.

Serie 92 – Heli MOTION
Deep Blue, is the newest of our coatings which is possible for machining steels up to 70HRC. This is the best option for the mold and die industry.

Serie 93 – HELI HARD
Solid CBN, head made of CBN.  The Series 93 is designed to work in material tempered up to 75HRC and obtain mirror like finishes. This offers maximum wear resistance and abrasion.

Serie 94 – HELI AIR
Speed, special coating with low friction coefficient to avoid material adherence on the tool and to improve the chip removal. This is optimal for aluminum, aerospace aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys.

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