The market for cutting tools carbide requires quick fixes, short-term decisions and deliveries in minimal time.

Thus our logistics and transport process ensures immediate delivery of any general reference product catalog in the time periods listed below:

Local and national deliveries of 12 to 24 hours. Deliveries in Europe (Express delivery) within 48 hours. Deliveries worldwide (Express delivery) maximum 3 days.




Since 2002 we are committed to establish in our organization a system of quality management that was designed to allow our customers and continuous improvement solutions proposed.

During the manufacturing process and re-sharpening, each of our tools, without exception, undergoes a thorough verification stage where control, among other parameters, properties of raw materials, surface finishes and dimensional tolerances.

This ensures that our production processes meet the expectations of our customers, giving them the confidence to qualify our products with safety seal and performance.




Thanks to the implementation of machinery with the same characteristics of that used in large-scale production, we are able to ensure our customers optimal coating and regrinding of their tools.

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Special Manufacture

We provide comprehensive technical support for mechanization and dimensioning of specific pieces, development of specific tooling, and for conducting tests in challenging materials.

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Technical Support

It is only through making our customers competitive that our company will have a future. Our philosophy is to work for our customers’ success, and provide comprehensive solutions for the machining industry.

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