Drilling Tools

Drilling tools

Our solid carbide drills are designed for optimal soft drilling and better finishing, perfect for any material at any depth. We have a wide range of sizes and diameters, including 3xD, 5xD, 8xD, 12xD, 15xD, 20xD, 25xD and 30xD drills with diameters ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm. In addition, our drills are a solution in themselves, just like our drills with H7 tolerance for materials up to 65HRC, or our drills for flat-bottomed holes. 

Our cutting tools offer better performance in any material: Steel both of common use and heat-treated), stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, graphite, malleable and nodular cast iron, tempered steel, plastics, thermoplastics, copper, brass, GFK / CFK (fiber glass and carbon fiber), Inconel and Stellite.