At Helion Tools, we are specialists in the manufacture of cutting tools --especially milling cutters, drill bits, and threading tools-- in our production plant in Manresa (Spain). We own our tool production facility, making tools for different industrial sectors around the country, and we also collaborate with a network of distributors with a presence in 23 countries.

Quality, Innovation, and Service for Higher Performance Production

  • High quality raw materials.
  • Maximum performance with optimized geometry.
  • Research and development in all our product categories.
  • The latest technology applied to our coatings.
  • High-precision manufacturing and quality control with state-of-the-art machines.
  • Environmentally-friendly production; recycling as a commitment to the planet.

Tools featuring High Quality, High Performance, and Reliability

Development and production of precision tools for different industry sectors and active participation in the global market through our milling, drilling, and tapping solutions.

High standards of quality and dimensional tolerance allow us to obtain the best results in machining processes in the automotive, aeronautical, construction, structural engineering, and mold and die sectors.