We strive to reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible by being aware that the earth's resources are not infinite and that we must work on a recurring basis to find cleaner and more environmentally efficient recycling methods.

Hard metal is an increasingly scarce renewable resource. To help promote the long-term sustainability of this resource in our industry, we have developed a hard metal recycling program. Each kilogram of carbide that we collect can be reused in the manufacture of new tools for the industry -- manufacturing that translates not only into savings in terms of the cost of raw materials, but also into energy savings in terms of production. The manufacture of tools from recycled carbide requires 75% less energy and emits 50% less carbon dioxide.

Commitment to the planet

And this is not the only benefit: we also help our clients to easily and safely remove heavy metal and potentially toxic resources from their facilities. In addition, Helion Tools supports the Madre Antonia Center's social cause by donating 1% of the funds we earn. You can request more information about this project via socialfoundation@helion-tools.com.

Being Part of our Sustainable Cycle is this Easy...

Upon request, we provide customers with 5 kg or 23 kg storage containers with the capacity to hold any type of hard metal tool from Helion Tools or from other suppliers: metal inserts, drill bits, taps, solid milling cutters, worn parts, and sharp plates made of PCD/PCBN materials.

Helion Recycling
Request free recycling boxes, being sure to specify your need: plate inserts and/or boring bars.

+34 93 877 08 69


Recycling Hard Metal

The plate insert/boring bar formats must not be mixed, and it is essential that they be exclusively hard metal tools. If high-speed steel tools are sent by mistake, they will be discarded and only tools made entirely of hard metal will be taken into account in the weight.

We will periodically collect the containers and return the market value amount to you in the form of a discount/credit note that will be taken off your next invoice. To request collection once you have prepared the box, call us at +34 93 877 08 69 or send us a message to info@helion-tools.com, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Once the material is received and after weighing it, we will issue the invoice for payment taking into account the date of the request for collection, as the price of the material can undergo both upward and downward variations.

For more information on how to participate in the Helion Tools hard metal recycling program, please contact info@helion-tools.com.