What began years ago as a small industrial supply store in Manresa, Spain has evolved, more than 5 decades later and thanks to the third generation, to become an important leader in the machining industry. Our "working for your success" philosophy, an integral part of our company, will always guarantee our passion for what we do -- all the while working, learning, and growing with and for you, our clients.


Human value

We are a close-knit company that is convinced that our most important resource is our people - a fact that identifies our business culture and guarantees our solid foundation for the future.


Aware that today more than ever we have a great responsibility towards society and the environment, we are convinced that long-term success will depend on that responsibility. Thus, we dispose of natural resources efficiently, preventing pollution and managing waste properly.


Acting with integrity has great value for us; it is our commitment and that of our collaborators to engage in fair competition in the market under the premise of respect, equity, and our journey into the future.

"Each obstacle is a new challenge that encourages us to keep growing as we remain on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art technologies and new automation processes, always full of passion for the machining sector... let’s move forward together!

Josep Maria Molins Pujol - President

More than 70 years of construction, evolution, learning, and continuous growth. Join us to explore some of the milestones that have marked our history and have defined us as Helion Tools.


The Big Jump…



Helion Cut. The cutting data calculator for milling, tapping, countersinking, and reaming which is available online.



The hard metal waste recycling project advanced, continuing with our philosophy of a strong commitment to the planet.



Helion Tools was ranked among the TOP 10 of the best companies in its sector in Spain.



Official launch of our online store and shopping APP for IOS and Android.



Automation of our logistics system with the implementation of Helion Lift, which translates into more efficient shipments and deliveries for customers.



New series of coatings: Deep Blue, Volcano, Racer, and Speed, bringing in a new level of performance and tool life.



The production of carbide cutting tools began in Manresa, Barcelona (Spain).



Helion Tools participated in its first international fair (EMO HANOVER), where it conquered new markets and created the Export Department.



Official distribution of Innotol (Alliance with IMC group).



New facilities in the industrial zone of the city, giving rise to the incorporation of new items and new categories of cutting tools.



With Domènec Molins D. (a third-generation family member) at the helm, the company focused its strategic approach on the machining sector, creating the Helion Tools brand.



Josep Maria Molins Pujol assumed the management of the family business, gradually moving towards providing supply solutions in the industrial sector.



The company was founded by Mr. Domènec Molins Argerich under the name MOLINS ARGERICH REPRESENTACIONES in the center of the city of Manresa.