In the dynamic and at times explosive development of the machining industry, this saying is particularly relevant: “For things to remain the same, everything must change”.This is why our products are targeted at meeting current market demands. We are actively engaged in shaping technology transformation as well as ongoing cost optimization. This approach requires investment in research and development, in machinery and facilities, and in highly qualified technicians and engineers.

HELION TOOLS, S.L. is a multidisciplinary team that works every day to anticipate the needs of our customers, listen to their demands, and to create tailor-made products that meet our customers’ expectations: optimum quality, technology, and performance.

We have most of the tools in stock. This allows us to immediately deliver our customers’ purchase orders. The great flexibility of our production supports the development and subsequent production of special tools with delivery times that meet the needs of our collaborators.

We actively participate in major national and international fairs of interest for our business sector, thus we are always at the forefront of market trends.

We are committed with the environment. We efficiently use natural resources, preventing pollution and properly disposing of waste.